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These videos were produced by Paul Connett from 1997 to the present.
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The three goals of GG Video:

1. To expose cases of environmental injustice.

2. To communicate scientific information on controversial technical issues (like dioxin and fluoridation) with clarity and integrity.

3. To document successful individual, community and corporate efforts to take steps towards sustainability, with a particular emphasis on waste management.

From 1997 - present, Paul Connett has been executive producer for Grassroots and Global Video. By the end of 2004 he had produced 25 videos tapes on environmental justice, waste issues and fluoride toxicity.

Grass Roots and Global Video (GG Video) is a project of the non-profit organization American Environmental Health Studies Project, Inc. (AEHSP).

Early history.

GG Video grew out of a collaboration between Paul Connett and Cliff Honicker (Executive Director of AEHSP 1997-2000). Paul had traveled down to the Oak Ridge Nuclear facility in Tennessee to make a video documenting the plight of the workers at, and local residents of, the K-25 site which currently
hosts an hazardous waste incinerator, which burns both hazardous waste (including PCBs) and nuclear waste. So successful was this collaboration that AEHSP decided to take GG Video under its wing as its video educational branch.

For a fuller description of the early history and goals of GG Video see Waste Not issues #s 418 and 419.

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